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Guidance: Erez Golani Solomon arch. and Yoav Orion arch.

In this workshop Gal and I grew our own Cryptomeria Japonica from a stump of an old dead Tree

we found and Documented while visiting Yakushima back in 2019.

Cryptomeria Japonica is an endemic specie of the Japanese cedar that grows only in Yakushima island in south Japan.
This work is our imaginary manifestation of how a tree can be dead, living and a machine for mass production of wood products.

Our project seeks to uncover and discuss methods for designing trees such as Asplia, Cordon, Palmet or Pollard that are used for cuttings, building and designing natural trees and which are currently accepted in the world and used by man to clone the natural space.

The method of operation for wood trainings involves the felling of wooden parts and the installation of a supporting constructive system

[4 bamboo beams] which envelops the stumped part of the tree and leads to its regrowth in an artificial way;

The new branches can be grown at an angle of 90/45 degrees, when natural branches will always grow out upwards.

Joined Work with Gal Gnapp.

The Drawing was sent to the 2020's 'The Architecture Drawing Prize' in the digital category,

Curated by Make Architects, Sir John Soane’s Museum and the World Architecture Festival.

Link to Photo gallery from Japan's summer semester


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